Our Philosophy

History has taught us that communities thrive with access to clean, safe drinking water and the proper removal of storm water & sewage. Cities and towns across the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina are working to ensure reliability and expand access to their public utility systems and at Baker Underground we want to be their partner. We do the Right Things, the Right Way, at the Right Time; bringing value to the Tax Payer through efficiency, fair play, and a better strategy for progress. We emphasize Safety, treat our employees as the valuable team members they are, and select projects where success is the result of insight, planning, and execution. Baker Underground, Inc. is committed to being your partner in Working Smarter for the Public Good.

Our Vision

Baker Underground, Inc. will be the leading Utility Contractor for Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Water services in our Region.

Our Mission

We encourage action through value; allowing local communities to grow and maintain public services.

We drive success through efficiency; allowing leaders to make better use of public resources.

We find opportunity through foresight; allowing our employees, our customers, and our industry partners to reap the rewards.

Our Core Values


Safety is the first care of every individual, and the most critical component of our future success. The true bottom line is this: Every person deserves to go home at the end of the day, without injury, to those who rely on them. No cost is too great to ensure our safety.


We constantly remain aware of our surroundings and the work we are performing. We focus on correctly completing today’s task and taking time to prepare for the many tasks of tomorrow.


We control our own fate through responsibility and action. We are held in high regard because we deliver results, rectify shortcomings, and strive to do right by all.


Opportunity does not create itself; we must be thankful for that which we have been afforded and work to utilize it to the best of our abilities. We treat our laws, our environment, our partners, our teammates, our resources, and ourselves with the highest regard.


No one is an island; each of us is counting on others to help us meet our goals. We work together and do our part, each day, to lead our team to success.  As a company, we work with our customers and partners to find success through cooperation and a commitment to completion.